Small Businesses Must Pivot to Online During the Coronavirus

With the advancements of technology, the entire scenario of advertising online is changing rapidly. People have moved to constant use of smartphones, laptops, and various accessible electronic gadgets, making them often the target of many digital ads.

People are accustomed to ignoring the standard online ad as if it does not exist. It is relatively easy to lose your business promotion in the ocean of digital advertisements. That’s one of the main reasons why acquiring customers through online ads has become difficult for many businesses. However, if you choose the right method of digital marketing, you won’t regret it!

How is Acquiring Customers through Advertisements done?

Most businesses plan for some kind of online advertising. Digital banners flood people and they can quickly become annoyed. Consumers will seem less interested in these products making customer acquisition difficult.

People are interested in experiencing something that they have never seen before. They like to peek in and get a thorough understanding of how the product or service could benefit them. Interactive content, images, and videos attract more customers than just some random banner ad scrolling through social media feeds.

Sometimes, the customer will come across your digital ad, but the ad disappears in just a few seconds, and the customer isn’t able to remember how to acquire the product.

Also, we cannot eliminate the thought that pop-up ads may interrupt a customer’s navigation. Some customers will develop a negative opinion of your brand. You must look for various online promotions to give your business the much-needed positive exposure it needs.

What is Bid Blab?

It’s a simple yet effective process. In essence, a gamified Question and Answer portal allows members to compete for valuable products and services in a social game-like environment, enabling members to learn about your products while having fun!

Why is Bid Blab the right choice for you?

Now that we have found the best way to reach the customers, let’s understand how this excellent platform works. Bid Blab is a platform that enables the customers to engage with products and services already on Bid Blab’s website. The website will use rich media, including images, videos, and other targeted website links that will directly lead the customers to your website.

These advertisements differ entirely from that of the ones you will see on every other website. These are purely native advertisements. They will ultimately have Bid Blab’s website look and feel, creating a native ad experience. They follow the concept of native advertising as they have more significant benefits than the other forms of online advertising.

How is Bid Blab’s advertising different?

The Bid Blab platform has made advertising more engaging. People will compete against each other for promotional products. When they answer questions or give their insights, they will earn credits. These credits are used in competitions with other members for promotions that appear on the website and attempt to win the products. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s dive further into it to know how you can benefit.

When a user clicks on the promotion, they can explore the product or a service offering. The item won is usually in the form of an e-gift card. This e-gift card is issued by and used on the advertiser’s website, proving to be an excellent customer acquisition tool. Bid Blab provides positive SEO search engine optimized content about your business and provides links to your website.

The Buy Now option is available where businesses can liquidate surplus products or service offerings through a flash sale. The item will list with a discount, and customers who are willing to buy immediately can click and land in your website checkout cart without hassle. This process ensures the purchase completes on your website and you acquire the new customer. It’s very straightforward.

Customers encounter promotions on Bid Blab’s website, which will continuously run for 30 days intervals. When the promotion expires, we keep the information indexed on our site to help you continue to receive SEO traffic.

Consumers will stay engaged and intrigued to know more about your other products and services. With Bid Blab’s promotions, your business gets local and national exposure for an extended period.

Don’t wait and get in touch with Bid Blab today.

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