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The Covid-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the world economy in general. But for small businesses who used to rely on brick and mortar experiences, the effects have been nothing short of lethal.

With a quarter of small businesses shutting down as a direct response to the pandemic, the results are easy to understand. For most of these businesses, the in-store experience used to be the primary mode of attracting customers. Today, that avenue has all but closed. When customers choose to order online instead of venturing out, physical storefronts have all but disappeared.

Another aspect of business operations that has taken a hit is marketing and advertising. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to cut down on their marketing budgets. This decrease in funds has naturally led to a decline in customer flow for most companies.

Also, there’s the fact that traditional modes of advertising aren’t suitable anymore. Billboards and posters can’t grab the crowd’s attention when there are no crowds.

Yet, despite these difficulties, we see many businesses thriving online. What’s the secret that they are using, and which others are not?

The Secret Of Online Advertising

In the 21st century, digital marketing has overtaken a lot of traditional marketing pie. With most businesses opting for online advertising even before the pandemic, it’s only natural that this marketing mode was already fast becoming the norm, rather than the exception.

However, nobody can deny that the pandemic has provided a boost to online marketing efforts. Digital marketing is the most effective and efficient mode of attracting customers. As people spend more time online than in the physical world, it’s understandable that online advertising is the best way to influence consumer attention.

However, even online advertising suffers from several disadvantages. Let’s review some of these in the next section.

Drawbacks Of Online Advertising In The Present Form

One of the major problems with customer acquisition is that conversions take time to mature. Customers must receive more time to interact with the ads and, by extension, the brand. However, since most online ads last only for a second or so, customers seldom get the time to explore such interactions.

Another disadvantage of digital marketing today is that it’s often considered to be intrusive. Pop-up and pop-under advertisements can be irritating to the customers and turn them away rather than attract them.

So, how can digital marketing and online advertising be modified to make the most of the present situation? That’s precisely what Bid Blab aims to do with its gamified online advertising platform.

How Bid Blab Is Redefining Online Advertising

Bid Blab is a new approach to online advertising that aims to introduce enhanced interactivity for consumers. It’s a gamified marketing platform that works to connect customers with the products and services that they require.

We’ve already mentioned that the major problem that most online advertising suffers from is that of engagement. As these adverts last for a very short duration, they fail to capture and entice customers as is needed. This naturally leads to them losing interest in the products or services.

That’s what Bid Blab aims to overcome. Using our unique gamified promotions, users engage with a business’s products and services for days. This amount of time helps them to gain a thorough understanding of the products and services under consideration.

Through advanced communication techniques such as videos and targeted web links, Bid Blab helps direct consumers to the business’s website, helping the company convert consumers into paying customers.

Advantages Of Using Bid Blab

  1. Enhanced Engagement And Experience

The Bid Blab platform allows consumers to engage with an advertisement multiple times. This interaction helps to enhance customer engagement and provides an intimate brand experience. It also entices the customer to do business with your company.

  1. Evergreen Marketing

One of the significant disadvantages of traditional digital marketing is that your business stops receiving exposure once your advertising budget has been used up. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Bid Blab. Even when a promotion expires, Bid Blab’s evergreen marketing system continues to provide quality traffic to your business.

  1. Multi-engine Exposure

Traditional digital marketing and online advertising tools such as Google Ads are usually search engine specific. Bid Blab, on the other hand, provides your business with exposure across multiple search engines. This broadens your reach and brings a larger number of customers within your organization’s ambit.

  1. Engaged Participation

Using Bid Blab, customers can participate in question-answer sessions and earn digital credits. They can use these credits for participating in virtual interactions where they can win the product or service in the promotion.

  1. Affordable Local As Well As National Coverage

At Bid Blab, we ensure that you get the advantage of local as well as national exposure. Also, our prices are reasonable enough to ensure that you don’t have to feel too much of a pocket pinch.

  1. Entire Promotion Page As The Advertisement

When a consumer participates in the promotion, the entire page acts as a massive advertisement. Here, consumers can bid for promotional material such as gift cards used on the target business’s site. This whole page provides a substantial promotional area where companies can showcase their business’s product or service.

Get On Board Today

Digital marketing and online advertising are the best methods of reaching out to consumers in a post-pandemic world. However, “traditional” digital marketing won’t be able to cut it in today’s times. The days of intrusive digital marketing are long gone and need to be replaced by better, more interactive options.

Bid Blab aims to do exactly that with its unique platform. Our entire promotional page acts as a massive, interactive digital ad. This ensures that the customers’ attention is ultimately captured, and conversions become a matter of time.

Our socially interactive marketing platform aims to introduce a fun element in the marketing process. Get in touch with Bid Blab today.

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