Why Should Businesses pivot to Online Advertising amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus

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Implications of Coronavirus on Small Businesses The COVID-19 Coronavirus made its debut during the first few months of the year 2020. Since its inception, many have fallen prey to it and lost their lives. Even today, as we lockdown, millions are testing positive worldwide. The deadly Coronavirus has changed the way we live and transformed […]

Small Businesses Must Pivot to Online During the Coronavirus

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With the advancements of technology, the entire scenario of advertising online is changing rapidly. People have moved to constant use of smartphones, laptops, and various accessible electronic gadgets, making them often the target of many digital ads. People are accustomed to ignoring the standard online ad as if it does not exist. It is relatively […]

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the world economy in general. But for small businesses who used to rely on brick and mortar experiences, the effects have been nothing short of lethal. With a quarter of small businesses shutting down as a direct response to the pandemic, the results are easy to understand. For […]