About Bid Blab

Bid Blab is a one-of-a-kind promotional platform that connects businesses with engaged consumers. Customer acquisition can be a difficult task because conversions take time, and unfortunately, most digital ads only last for a moment. Our game-like promotional process allows engaged consumers many days to thoroughly understand you and your product offering. We integrate images, video, and targeted web links leading consumers directly to your business, providing local and national coverage.

About Bid Blab

The Process

On Bid Blab, customers begin by asking and answering a series of questions that generate organic SEO used for evergreen marketing campaigns. By participating in these question-answer activities, customers earn credits, which can later be used to compete for an opportunity to win an experience for products or services.
How does this benefit businesses? The answer to this question is as simple. When a customer competes for a particular business’s offering, they instantly create an emotional bond with that company. The engagement leaves lasting positive impressions that endure long after the promotion ends.

The Results

Instead of paying for intrusive adverts that irritate more than inform, through Bid Blab, your business can engage customers in a meaningful interaction that’s profitable for both parties. The customers get the advantage of experiencing new products and services, while businesses benefit from a promotional model that entices customers to come back for more.

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